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Teeth affected by soda. Before / After Cases

Cases by: Dr. Federico Baena Q.

The following clinical cases are from patients taking approx 600 ml of soft drink daily. Acidity and sugar damaged your enamel causing tooth sensitivity and cavities. The solution of these cases is normally limited to the use of prostheses since the damages are irreversible. The first case was solved with Porcelain Veneers on the damaged teeth.


Porcelain veneers

If Bruxism or dental clenching (a very common condition nowadays due to high levels of stress) are added to the high consumption of soft drinks, teeth can be completely eroded by the mechanical friction potentialized with the acid in the soft drink. The solution for this case was using Metal Free Crowns.


Metal Free Crowns (Zirconium)

Remember that soft drinks are highly dangerous due to the exaggerated content of sugar, making them a potentially lethal acid for your body. Drink natural water.


Take care of your teeth, take care of your life.


Dr. Federico Baena Q

All the photographs were taken by Dr. Federico Baena Q and are cases treated at Dental Intefral Baena.

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