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We use ultrasonic technology to effectively remove stains and plaque from your teeth, without hurting your enamel and dentin.

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Digital smile design

We digitally design your smile, to have a preview of how we want to obtain the final result.


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We have several types of crowns for each treatment and we always look for results that look so real that it gets very difficult to see which tooth is the crown.

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Porcelain veneers and minimally invasive veneers (without preparation) An aesthetic, conservative alternative with highly aesthetic results to correct problems of position, shape and tooth color.

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Onlay / Inlay

Reconstructions performed in the dental laboratory to conservatively rehabilitate the tooth.

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We place the highest quality resins (composites), with extreme care, to eliminate cavities and obtain highly aesthetic and functional results.

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The newest treatment and with the highest percentage of success, offering the possibility of having a tooth back, without having to alter neighboring teeth.

Implant crown
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Once the implant has been placed, a crown needs to be placed over it. This is called implant rehabilitation and it is performed approximately 2 to 6 months after the first surgery.

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We offer whitening with the safest techniques to avoid tooth sensitivity post treatment.

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Night Guard
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The occlusal guard is a device that prevents damage to the patient's teeth that suffer from clenching, as well as for relaxation therapy for the temporo-mandibular joint.

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Laser therapy

Laser therapy is one of the least invasive and most effective methods of preventing inflammation, helping to remove pain, and promoting healing. (Used in Wounds, pain during orthodontics, implant placement, Joint pain, etc.)

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We offer highly fitting, highly esthetic dentures, reducing discomfort and discomfort as much as possible.

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Implant supported Dentures
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When implants are possible, implant-supported dentures do not require adhesives, they are much shorter, less obtrusive and are fixed, so forget to lose them.

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Digital X-Ray

We use high technology to take digital radiographs, thus reducing 90% of the radiation used in conventional radiographs, obtaining high-definition images that do not deteriorate over the years and can be shared electronically.

Any questions about any treatment, send a message and we will answer it as soon as possible

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