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In this space you will find testimonies of real patients, and the link to the Facebook page where you will find the origin of each testimony.

"Excellent !!! very professional !!!!! I recommend it one hundred percent, good that we have doctors of this quality in Querétaro !!!!"

Having an appointment at Dental Integral is like going to a spa !!

Top technology and excellent service!

We fully trust and thank you for making our smile more beautiful.

"Without fear of being mistaken, I believe that Dental Integral Baena has become the best dental office in Querétaro thanks to the excellent care, deep knowledge and technological and media innovation of the Baena Doctors.

A luxury in a matter of oral health.


"Queretanos, finally a 100 percent recommended DENTIST: Federico Baena Quijano"

Excellent work. It improved my smile noticeably, removed the spots it had and covered them without resorting to dental veneers. Several dentists had told me that the only option was veneers and Dr Baena solved it without any problem.

"Excellent work. Super professional attention. Widely recommended."

"Professionalism, cutting-edge technology and warm human treatment"

"Super professional jobs !!"

"Very good, I recommend it. Very punctual, attentive and reliable."

In addition to good treatment and professionalism, they have the best technology. They earned a customer for life. Thanks doctors Baena.

Excellent dentist, it is another level of experience in dental care, very professional, punctuality and hygiene

The first-rate medical facilities and equipment. Very good care from Dr. Baena and an excellent dentist. Also I like your patience to explain all my doubts. I highly recommend the Doctor as well as the service and treatment.

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