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What is a Dental Composite?

What is a dental resin?

Dental resins are restorative materials of the color of the tooth and are used to reconstruct the lost dental structure, either in posterior teeth for functional reasons or in anterior teeth for aesthetic reasons.

How do I know if I am a candidate for dental resins?

Dental resins are indicated in most patients, as long as the bite is not strong enough to break them. There are cases in which the loss of the tooth is so much that you have to use another material such as porcelain to be able to rehabilitate the tooth without putting it at risk of fracture.

Do dental resins harm my tooth?

On the contrary, if the isolation technique and dental preparation are correct, the resins allow us to carry out minimally invasive dental treatments, where only the injured tissue is worn away, leaving the healthy tissue intact.

Where can I see examples and cases?

Next, you will see a gallery with several cases carried out at Dental Integral Baena. For more information contact us here . (Click on the image to enlarge it)

Reemplazo de Resina mal ajustada
Cerómeros estéticos
Cerómeros (resinas) de Urgencia
Reemplazo de Resina mal sellada
Paciente con fluorosis
Resinas estéticas
Cerómeros por amalgamas
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