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Clinical cases

Before-After Photos

"All the photographs and cases come from real patients treated at Dental Integral Baena."

Coronas libres de metal

Metal free crowns

Metal-free crowns can be Zirconia, Lithium Discilicate or laminated porcelain. They replace the entire external surface of the tooth and are highly aesthetic. They can be used in the anterior or posterior region.

Carillas de porcelana

Porcelain veneers

Dental veneers are very thin porcelain restorations and are used to change the color, shape, and size of teeth. Normally the wear is very conservative and the aesthetic change is amazing.

Puentes fijos y remo


The implants are titanium attachments that replace the dental roots and support one or more dental crowns made in the laboratory. They can be used in the anterior or posterior part of the mouth and fulfill the aesthetic and functional function of a tooth.

Fixed and Removable Bridges

When implants cannot be placed in patients due to any situation, we choose to make fixed or removable bridges. Both cases are seen in this gallery, combined with individual metal-free crowns.

Resinas anteriores

Anterior and posterior resins

These treatments are performed in a single consultation and are intended to correct the aesthetics and function of the teeth. In the gallery we appreciate different cases of resins in anterior and posterior teeth made at Dental Integral Baena.

Blanqueamiento y alargamiento

Gum Whitening and Lengthening

The following cases are gum lengthening, arch whitening, and single tooth (internal) whitening.

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